Best Cages for Flemish Giant Rabbits (Indoor and Outdoor)

Flemish Giants are an excellent breed of rabbit for those looking for a unique pet. Flemish Giants are the world’s largest breed of rabbit, and often weigh anywhere up to 20 pounds so as a result they need a different place to live from a standard pet rabbit.

Don’t let their size scare you – Flemish Giants are actually one of the most gentle rabbit breeds around. They’re typically non-aggressive and are total love bugs who enjoy pets and cuddles just like any other household pet. In fact, they’re one of the top choices of rabbit breeds for families with small children. 

With such a large size, though, you’ll have to plan adequately ahead of time to house your Flemish Giant properly. There are lots of different options to house your giant furry friend, so you’ll have to figure out which option is best for you.

Flemish Giants can be housed indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both depending on your preferences. Below, we’ll talk about these options in greater detail and tell you everything you need for a suitable house for your Flemish Giant. 

Indoor Cages for Flemish Giant Rabbits

Dog Kennels

Since Flemish Giant rabbits are so large, ordinary rabbit cages aren’t big enough for them. You need to think of Flemish as a little dog or cat.

That means you’ll have to come up with an alternative solution to give your giant bunny a happy, healthy life. One of these solutions is to house them in a large dog kennel

Dog kennels are often much taller, longer, and wider than your average rabbit cage. They are also made of metal bars and have solid bottoms for your Flemish Giant’s feet.

As long as you prepare the cage with some hay, food, water, and a litter box (I recommend a cat-sized litter box) or designated potty spot, your Flemish Giant should have plenty of space to stretch and hop around. 

Custom-Made Indoor Cages

If you aren’t a fan of using a dog kennel, no worries. Experienced builders can create a custom-made indoor rabbit cage for your large Flemish Giant bunny. Your Flemish Giant’s cage should be at least 3-4 feet in height so they can stand and stretch as they wish.

Anything smaller than this could restrict your Flemish Giant’s movement, which can lead to stress and eventually illness. Nobody wants that!

The custom cage will likely have an area for sleeping as well as an area for moving, eating, and going potty. You can also choose to have a closed-in box area for your Flemish Giant to snuggle into, rather than keeping it all as an open metal cage. Custom cages provide more opportunities for you to make your rabbit’s cage the mansion of its dreams, so many owners say the cost is worth it. 

When the rabbits are young you can use a custom playpen, but keep in mind that some rabbits might eventually chew through it.

Guest Rooms or Partial Guest Rooms

If you really want your Flemish Giant to live in luxury, you could give it an entire room! If you’re not that committed, most will be happy with half a room as well. In these situations, owners can cover the floor with protective rubber mats that prevent damage from their rabbit’s feet or urine. They will also fill the area with hay for snuggling and munching so their Flemish Giant has much more free space to roam. 

While this sounds fun, you’ll have to make sure your Flemish Giant’s living space is completely bunny-proof. Make sure the sides of the enclosure are at least 3 feet high to prevent them from jumping out, and ensure there are no loose wires or exposed electrical outlets that your bunny could chew or harm themselves with. Rabbit exercise pens, such as from Petmate or Amazon are great options for this. 

As long as you make sure the space is protected and safe, this is a perfectly suitable space for your Flemish Giant bunny. 

Outdoor Cages for Flemish Giant Rabbits

Custom-Made Outdoor Rabbit Cages

If your house isn’t big enough for a suitable space for your Flemish Giant, your other option is to house them outdoors. You’ll have to either build the cage yourself or purchase it from an experienced outdoor rabbit cage builder or create your own on websites like Omlet.

You should always make sure that any outdoor cage for your Flemish Giant has an indoor part and an outdoor part. An indoor part has a roof and hay to protect them from the elements.

The outdoor part is typically made of strong metal wire and is great for your Flemish Giant to get fresh air or relieve themselves. Your outdoor cage needs to be built with the strongest materials possible to prevent your Flemish Giant bunny from getting out and predators from getting in – or the bunnies themselves.

Sheds or Small Barns

Small sheds or barns are great options for outdoor Flemish Giant bunnies. Sheds can be set up with heating elements, hay, and food areas so your rabbit has plenty of space to move and explore. They can also be easily cleaned if you prepare them with proper flooring such as rubber mats. Sheds also prevent your Flemish Giant from escaping and prevent predators from getting in. 

Larger barns are great if you have a separate space for your bunny. You may want to block off a corner using an exercise pen or gate so your Flemish Giant can’t get lost in your barn. Make sure their area is bunny-proof and safe from any other animals you have in the barn as well. 

If you want to put a shed in the bigger outdoor run you can use a cat house for protecting the food from rain and predators.

Repurposed Kids Playhouses

One idea I actually came up with is to repurpose the kids’ playhouse into a bunny house. You can add some wires and netting for the window, insulate the bottom with carpet and you can have a perfect place for your Flemish giants to cuddle.

I connected the playhouse with an outdoor run with a zippy tunnel and the bunnies are happy.

Flemish Giants are wonderful pets, but they require lots of work. If you’re willing to put in this work, your Flemish Giant can be incredibly loving and rewarding to have. Before bringing that new Flemish Giant bunny home, make sure you’ve prepared a safe indoor or outdoor space for them to live out their best bunny life. 

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