How to Give Your Rabbits Treats (And Best Rabbit Treats!)

Rabbits are the best pets you’ll ever have. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they are affectionate. Plus; a bonus, they can be trained to only poo in a certain spot, which is absolutely perfect for cleaning and hygiene.

But what’s more, the kids will always love rabbits from the time they’re toddlers. They’re not as scary as dogs or as ferocious as cats.

Rabbits are easy to get along with and easy to care for. Just get them a good cage with enough room to play, give them enough water to drink so they don’t dehydrate, and feed them healthy rabbit food and a few delicious treats that will keep them forever attached to you.

However, when giving treats to your rabbits, there are several important things to keep in mind.

How to Give Your Rabbit Treats

First, it’s crucial to offer treats in moderation. While treats can be a fun addition to your rabbit’s diet, it’s important not to overdo it. Offer treats in small amounts and limit them to a few times per week. 

Second, it’s important to avoid sugary or processed foods and instead stick to healthy, natural treats like fresh vegetables and hay cubes. If you’re giving your rabbit a new type of treat, introduce it slowly to avoid digestive issues. Offer a small amount at first and monitor your rabbit’s reaction.

You can also use treats to encourage positive behavior, such as offering a treat when your rabbit uses the litter box. This can help train them to behave properly. 

Finally, make treat time interactive by using it as an opportunity to interact with your rabbit and provide some mental stimulation. You can offer treats by hand or hide them around your rabbit’s living space to encourage foraging behavior. 

Not the Best Rabbit Treats:

Avoid giving your rabbits treats that are good and tasty for humans but bad for rabbits. These include chocolate, nuts, dairy, avocado, garlic, onions, and sugary foods. These treats are difficult for rabbits to digest and may even cause gastrointestinal problems!

Best Treats for Rabbits

If you do want to give your rabbit a treat, there are some foods they can have in moderation. These few treats are perfectly healthy for your pet rabbits.

Fresh fruit

Rabbits love fresh fruit. Give them apple slices, banana slices, and strawberries and they’ll cuddle you forever. Dehydrated apples or a mix of dehydrated cranberries and apples makes the perfect treat for foraging or snacking.

Fresh vegetables

Carrots, celery, and bell peppers will make your rabbits happy too. Of course, you know that if you’ve grown up watching Bugs Bunny. Rabbits can’t get enough of fresh carrots. But make sure they’re limited, because carrots have a good amount of sugar too, and can be harmful to your rabbits in excess.

You can also feed your rabbits, peas, cucumber, romaine lettuce, chicory, celery leaves, pumpkin, green beans and more.

Cabbage, broccoli, beetroot, and brussel sprouts are edible but should be limited in quantity as they cause gas.


Herbs have a strong taste, especially for bunnies. But you can start slow and see which herbs your rabbit loves. Parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, mint, thyme, and oregano can all be consumed fresh or dried.

If your rabbit finds the standalone herbs too strong, offer them mixes of herbs with hay. For example, this mix of Timothy hay and mint.

Timothy hay cubes and Willow branches 

Many of these treats can help your rabbit with digestion and can even assist with their dental health. In particular, timothy hay cubes and willow branches can wear down your rabbit’s teeth, keeping them filed and healthy. 

Mega munch sticks might last a little longer and still keep your rabbit healthy and happy.

If you have willow trees around, give your rabbit a whole branch. It will keep them occupied for a few days.

Fresh willow leaves and twigs are as good for munching as dried ones. But if you want to be safe, cut off a few twigs and the branch and boil in water, then let it dry before feeding your pet.

Your pet rabbits deserve treats as much as your cats, chickens, or hamsters. Whether it’s made at home or store-bought, remember to stick to treats that are healthy and beneficial to your rabbit’s health.

Always make sure treats are only given in moderation to avoid any potential health problems. You should also introduce treats slowly to avoid an upset tummy in your rabbit

This will keep your furry cuddly pet healthy and happy!

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